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What is Ceramide? What are the effects of adding it to cosmetics?


Ceramide, a complex substance in the body composed of fatty acids and amides, is an important component of the skin’s natural protective barrier. The sebum secreted by the human body through the sebaceous glands contains a large amount of ceramide, which can protect water and prevent water loss. In addition, people can also get ceramides from foods such as eggs, dairy products, nuts and seafood.

Ceramides serve many purposes, the most important being in skin health. The main component of our skin’s natural protective barrier is ceramide, so it can effectively prevent the loss of skin moisture and form a natural protective barrier. At the same time, ceramide can also improve the immune system of the skin and help repair the skin damaged by external factors and internal factors, especially sensitive skin. In addition, ceramide also has the effect of improving skin pigmentation and preventing skin aging, because it can promote skin cell metabolism and activity.



Due to the various excellent effects of ceramide, cosmetics manufacturers have begun to add it to various skin care products in recent years. Skin care products added with ceramide can not only improve the skin’s self-defense ability, keep the skin supple and lustrous, but also meet consumers’ requirements for mild and safe products. Generally speaking, ceramides are added to various skin care products such as moisturizers, serums, lotions, masks, sunscreens, and facial cleansers. Among them, moisturizing cream and mask are the most common application methods of ceramide.

Compared with products with the same efficacy, the obvious advantage of skin care products added with ceramides is that it can better meet the needs of sensitive skin and is more gentle and safe. In addition, ceramide also has the effect of treating dark circles and reducing fine lines. Therefore, if you need a multifunctional skin care product that can moisturize, repair and beautify, ceramide is likely to be your best choice.