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New Arrivals

After stable testing,our new products are being started to produce commercially.Three of our new products are being introduced to the market.They are Cosmate®TPG, Tocopheryl Glucoside is a product obtained by reacting glucose with Tocopherol.Cosmate®PCH, is a plant derived Cholesterol and Cosmate®ATX, Astaxanthin is derived from the fermentation of yeast or bacteria,or synthetic.

Cosmate®TPG,Tocopheryl Glucoside is a product obtained by reacting glucose with Tocopherol,a Vitamin E derivative,it’s a rare cosmetic ingredient.Also named as α-  Tocopherol Glucoside,Alpha-Tocopheryl Glucoside.Cosmate®TPG is a Vitamin E precursor metabolized into free tocopherol in the skin,with a considerable reservoir effect,associated with gradual delivery.this conjugated formula could give a continuous reinforcement of antioxidant in the skin.Cosmate®TPG,is 100% safe antioxidant and conditioning agent,it’s recommended for skin care forumulations.It protects the skin against UV-induced damage.Tocopheryl Glucoside contains water-soluble Vitamin E,it’s more stable and easily transported into skin than Tocopherol.Cosmate®TPG,Tocopheryl Glucoside overcomes the oxidative defects of Tocopherol during the transportation and storage.Applications of Cosmate®TPG:*Antioxidant,*Whitening,*Sunscreen,*Emollient,*Skin Conditioning

Cosmate®PCH,Choelsterol is a plant derived Cholesterol,it is used for increasing the water retention and barrier properties of skin and hair,restores barrier properties of damaged skin,our plant-derived Cholesterol can be used in a broad range of personalcare products,from hair care to skin care cosmetics.Cosmate®PCH,plant Cholesterol by us acts as an emulsifier,spreading agent,emulsion stabilizer,skin and hair conditioning agent.Cholesterol is also acting as hydrating,moisturizing, nourishing, calming, soothing and anti-redness agent. It’s widely used in bath, shower products, creams, lotions, sprayable emulsions, lipcare, eye care, specific skin care treatments, sun protection and color cosmetics.Applications of Cosmate®PCH:*Moisturizing,*Emollient,*Emulsifier,*Skin Conditioning

Cosmate®ATX,Astaxanthin also known as lobster shell pigment,Astaxanthin Powder,Haematococcus Pluvialis powder, is a kind of carotenoid and a strong natural antioxidant. Like other carotenoids, Astaxanthin is a fat-soluble and water-soluble pigment found in marine organisms such as shrimp, crab, squid, and scientists have found that the best source of Astaxanthin is the hygrophyte chlorella.Astaxanthin is derived from the fermentation of yeast or bacteria,or extracted in low temperature and high pressure from botanicals by advanced technology of supercritical fluid extraction to ensure its activity and stability. It is a carotenoid with extremely powerful free-radical-scavenging ability.Astaxanthin is the substance with the strongest antioxidant activity found so far, and its antioxidant capacity is much higher than vitamin E, grape seed, coenzyme Q10, and so on. There are sufficient studies showing that astaxanthin has good functions in anti-aging, improving skin texture, improving human immunity.Astaxanthin acts as a natural sun block agent and an antioxidant. It lightens the pigmentation & brightens the skin. It increases skin metabolism and retain moisture by 40%. By increasing the moisture level, the skin is able to increase its elasticity, suppleness and reduce fine lines. Astaxanthin is used in cream, lotion, lipstick, etc.We are in the strong position to supply Astaxanthin Powder 2.0%,Astaxanthin Powder 3.0% and Astaxanthin oil 10%.Meanwhile,we can do customization based on customers’ requests on specifications.Applications of Cosmate®ATX:*Antioxdiant,*Smoothing Agent,*Anti-Aging,*Anti-Wrinkle,*Sunscreen Agent