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Daily Inspection of Tetrahexydecyl Ascorbate Production Line

Our Production technicians are doing Daily Inspection of Tetrahexydecyl  Ascorbate Production Line. I took some picutures and share here.

Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmiate VC-IP

Tetrahexydecyl  Ascorbate ,also called Ascorbyl Tetra-2-Hexyldecanoate,it’s a molecule derived from vitamin C and isopalmitic acid. The effects of the product are similar to those of vitamin C, most importantly it is able to act as an antioxidant.Tetrahexydecyl  Ascorbate reduces the production of oxidizing agents, which contribute to cell damage after exposure to UV or chemical hazards.The prodcut can protect against DNA damage and skin darkening caused by UV exposure. And,skin visual appearance is also improved by the product, as it promotes collagen synthesis and acts as a hydrating agent in reducing skin roughness.

Tetrahexydecyl  Ascorbate also has some other names in the market,such as Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate,THDA,VCIP,VC-IP, Ascorbyl Tetra-2 Hexyldecanoate,VCOS,Vitamin C Tetraisopalmitate and etc.

Package: 1kg per aluminum bottle or 5kg per aluminum bottle

We keep 100~200kg stock on hand. Welcome to your inquiry!