glass spirits bottle of different styles from China

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 Our liquor bottle consist of lead-free super flint glass material, which makes our glass bottle more clear, solid, and safe to the human body. The bottle body is engraved surface to improve the bottle’s aesthetics while ensuring the durability of the bottle and is good for gripping and placing. 

We have plenty of glass alcohol bottles for different usage such as  glass spirit bottles glass beer bottle and glass wine bottles. Your satisfaction is our ultimate objective and what drive us to achieve a higher level.

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compatible closures and accessories
t cork series
T-cork with logo on

T-style bottle corks are perfect for sealing up liquor bottles, vinegars, oils.  Our t-cork stoppers provide a snug, air-tight fit that keeps your product fresh and well-sealed even through transport. Our t-corks come in two different varieties: natural cork and synthetic, with both plastic and wood top options available. We can print a message or company logo on either the top or side of the cork. 

aluminum cap
liquor bottle screw cap
related products
500ml vodka bottle
thick bottom bottle

look at the second picture, you can see the difference clearly in every details. to make it short, the left bottle is high-end. they are both 500ml bottle, but the prices vary much.  so, the buyer will get a quotation from a very low price to a very high price if the seller is told a 500ml bottle is needed. this make sense, but the buyer don't understand. now, if you have seen the comparison picture, you will understand.

surface handling
silk screen printing, decal, frosting, hot stamping, label, color painting

silk-screen printing


color painting


hot stamping


logo emboss

sample making

Sample is a very important part in an order.

We are glad to provide samples to you.

But for samples, there are two cases.

One is the sample is available in our company, we just need to send it to you.

We usually mail the sample to you via FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT, etc.

If we don’t have them available or you want to customize your product, what we should do are more than sending a sample to you.

For a new bottle or jar, a new mold is needed. We can design your product as per your requirement. We will show you drawing, and do 3D mock up or 3D printing if necessary. And then, do the prototype and send them to you to confirm.

If you want to print your logo on our available bottle, you should provide your logo in AI format or we can help you to design one. And then, print it on the bottle and send you.

mold and design

professional designers and strict design process will convert your idea into a real product

technical drawing
packing and shipping

transport package and commercial package


this is transport package. usually it is a brown 5-layer carton with inserts, which devide the bottles so that bottles don't collide with each other. it can make your goods safe.


this is commercial packge. if you want to sell your product directly in the supermarket or online like Amazon, this package is a good choose for you. we can assemble the necessary accessories into this package.

shipment packing

timg (1)

the bottles are put directly on the pallet. this is for full container load. advantage: load and unload the pallets easily. disadvantage: the bottles may broken.


the bottles put in the carton and cartons put in container. this is for full container load. advantage: make full use of the space of container. the bottles quantity will be the largest. disadvantage: the carton should be moved manually.


carton and pallet is the most commonly used way of packing. bottles put in carton, cartons put in pallet. the safest way to pack bottles. it is for both full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL). if you order is not enough for FCL, this packing way is necessary in our company. but for FCL, the disadvantage is that the bottles quantity is less than the above two ways.


shipping affairs

many buyers don't know much about sea shipping. the above are the most common shipping terms, says, EXW, FOB, CIF, DDU, DDP. we think the illustration will help you to understand them. to make it short, the seller take charge in different parts in shipping. but there are still some points you should know more.

take CIF price for example, when you pick up the goods, you should pay some money to the shipping agent. but this money is not fixed. if shipping agent offers a low price to seller, you will pay more in your side. if shipping agent offers a high price to seller, you will pay less in your side. so, if you asked a CIF price from different suppliers, someone will quote you a very low price than others(you know, low price is always competitive), then, you should take care in case that trouble caused when picking up the goods.

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