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Skin whitening and lightening acitve ingredient Ferulic Acid

Cosmate®FA ,Ferulic Acid (FA), also called 4-hydroxy-3-methoxycinnamicacid, is a cinnamic acid derivative. It is a kind of phenolic acid commonly found in many plants,nowdays,Ferulic Acid mainly comes from natural plants and synthesis method.Zhonghe Fountain has both kinds of Ferulic Acid. Cosmate®FA,Ferulic Acid with a good cost performance. Ferulic Acid has a variety of biological activities. It can scavenge free radicals, and promote the formation of enzymes that scavenge free radicals. It inhibits tyrosinase activity; it has good absorption ability of ultraviolet ray and trans-dermal absorption capacity. Therefore, Ferulic Acid has effect of whitening, anti-oxidation and sun protection. Cosmetics containing Ferulic Acid can improve skin dullness, as well as make skin delicate, shiny and full of elasticity. It is widely used in sun protection and whitening cosmetics. Cosmate®FA,Feruli Acid has been discovered that is a new non-peptide endothelin antagonist with whitening effect and also has anti-free radicals, antioxidants, promotes blood microcirculation, bodybuilding, and skin protection.

 Technical Parameters:
Appearance White to light yellow Powder
Purity 99.0%

Melting Point


Loss on Drying


Residue on Ignition



10 ppm max.


2 ppm max.


1 ppm max.


5 ppm max.




*Whitening Agent

*Anti-aging Agent

*Sun Screen