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Non-Irritating preservative ingredient Chlorphenesin

Cosmate®CPH,Chlorphenesin has a broad spectrum and excellent performance of antibacterial ability, has a good inhibitory effect on Gram-negative bacteria and Gram-positive bacteria, it is used for broad-spectrum fungi, antibacterial agents; cosmetics and personal care Formulated with a universal preservative to improve the anti-corrosion performance of the system.Chlorphenesin is a preservative and cosmetic biocide that helps prevent the growth of microorganisms. In cosmetics and personal care products, Chlorphenesin is used in the formulation of aftershave lotions, bath products, cleansing products, deodorants, hair conditioners, makeup, skin care products, personal cleanliness products, and shampoos.

Technical Parameters:
Appearance White to pale white crystalline powder
Assay 99.0% min.
Melting Point 78℃~81℃
Arsenic 2ppm max.
Chlorophenol To comply with BP tests
Heavy Metals 10ppm max.
Loss on drying 1% max.
Residue on Ignition 0.1%max.
 Applications: *Anti-Inflammation *Preservative *Antimicrobial