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Vitamin E derivative Antioxidant Tocopheryl Glucoside

Cosmate®TPG,Tocopheryl Glucoside is a product obtained by reacting glucose with Tocopherol,a Vitamin E derivative,it’s a rare cosmetic ingredient.Also named as α-Tocopherol Glucoside,Alpha-Tocopheryl Glucoside. Cosmate®TPG is a Vitamin E precursor metabolized into free tocopherol in the skin,with a considerable reservoir effect,associated with gradual delivery.this conjugated formula could give a continuous reinforcement of antioxidant in the skin. Cosmate®TPG,is 100% safe antioxidant and conditioning agent,it’s recommended for skin care forumulations.It protects the skin against UV-induced damage.Tocopheryl Glucoside contains water-soluble Vitamin E,it’s more stable and easily transported into skin than Tocopherol.Cosmate®TPG,Tocopheryl Glucoside overcomes the oxidative defects of Tocopherol during the transportation and storage. Technical Parameters:
Appereance White to off-white Powder
Assay 98.0% min.
Heavy Metals(as Pb) 10 ppm max.
Arsenic (As) 3 ppm max.
Total Plate Counts 1,000 cfu/g
Molds & Yeasts 100 cfu/g
 Applications: *Antioxidant *Whitening *Sunscreen *Emollient *Skin Conditioning